Awesome Dads eBook

How to address your mental fitness during
Perinatal & Postnatal Pregnancy

Awesome Dads eBook

Congratulations! You’re on your way to creating a roadmap that will help you address your mental health and wellbeing, and those around you, during this challenging period of pregnancy but ever so magical.

“Awesome Dads Ebook” will help transform your thoughts and feelings in a positive organised way, so that, you can be the best dad and partner possible, feeling empowered. Most importantly, by maintain your mental fitness and wellbeing.

Gifted to you, my Ebook will always be at hand for you to refer back to. It will have lots of valuable tips and strategies for you to use and remind you of maintaining your wellbeing, as we know that before, during and after pregnancy can be filled with lots of challenges, obstacles, life changing decisions and routines.

Step 1: Download your Ebook. “Awesome Dads”.

Step 2: Watch coming webinar ‘Mental Fitness For Dads”.

Step 3: Make an investment in your wellbeing and future!

Just before I go…

Keep an eye out as you will shortly be receiving an email to my Webinar, “Mental Fitness For Dads” in the next 24hours. I hope that this webinar will be valuable to you.

Why should you opt in to watch this?

Well this webinar will be full of great value bringing you insightful knowledge, tips and strategies that you can begin to us immediately. You will know how to start addressing concerns around perinatal and postnatal pregnancy with the core in mind- Your Wellbeing! Yes Dads, you need to also take care and be aware that you can be susceptible to depression- perinatal and postnatal depression, just like women can.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss in more detail how I can help you,
then please do get in touch booking your free consultation.