Post COVID-19 Workplace Improvements

Worried about what Improvements are being made in the Workplace? Why is Work Environment Important? 7 steps to achieve improvements within the workplace The physical environment Allowing Employees to create their space of comfort & security Encourage socialization...

My Interview- Powerhouse Global Magazine

A super thanks to Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw & her wonderful team at Powerhouse Global Magazine for interviewing me to feature in their magazine! It was an honour, but more so to make a contribution to the work that she does, supporting hundreds of children and...

Mental Health Awareness May 2020 – Moments of Kindness

  Moments of Kindness This year Mental Health Awareness week is all about ‘Kindness’ 18th-24th May. During this week, it's about being mindful and taking the time to attempt to make the world a better place. Celebrate and promote good deeds- pledging acts of...

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