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Improving mental and emotional wellbeing in schools

Coaching workshops for teachers, parents and young people

Mental health issues are increasing in children and young people, currently affecting about 1 in 10* of those under 18 years of age.

As a coach whose focus is on emotional health and wellbeing, I am passionate about helping schools and parents to alleviate the problems and improve their children’s lives.

I work closely with local schools, providing workshops for teachers, staff, parents and young people to empower them to build their own emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching techniques, I show you how your Mental Map works and how you can use it to make sense of the world around you. This is a particularly powerful tool for children.

How it works

My workshop programmes are bespoke to your school’s needs. I have a 3-tiered approach, filtered down from the leadership team, through to staff and parents to ensure maximum positive results.

Workshop topics include: 

Coaching with NLP – supporting children and young people, teaching staff and parents

Positive mindset, relaxation and mindfulness techniques

Developing resilience and confidence

Building self-esteem and self-belief

Building positive self-image

Coping strategies for exams

Managing stress and anxiety

Managing conflict and bullying

Mindfulness and yoga

Workshops can take place in schools based in schools

*Figures from the Mental Health Foundation

My vision is to work closely and consistently within Primary Schools, groups and individuals, in order to bring them greater, sustainable results and personal successes through a nurtured and holistic approach. EMPOWERING each individual to take control for themselves and to change their state of mind, in order to establish a much more positive alignment.


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