I have worked with Zeenat for just over 5 months and can happily say this amazing lady has helped me in so many ways.

As a physique/health coach it is my role to help all of my clients optimise their health and fitness. However, I was completely oblivious to the fact my own mental health was suffering for a variety of different reasons. This then led to a very self-destructive mindset and caused me to feel very trapped and hopeless.

”That was when I finally decided to reach out for help from a specialist in this area. It was actually a very hard decision to do so as I have always been brought up with the “man up” mindset.

This is when I first spoke with Zeenat. Almost immediately I loved her approach, the way she spoke with me and actually cared. From then on, we spoke weekly and week by week she was incredibly helpful at helping me tackle the weekly struggles with work, life in general and my own demons that I have ignored for a very long time. She even started helping my wife with her own personal issues.

I genuinely couldn’t recommend Zeenat more, she is caring, helpful and supportive and has always been there for me when I needed her help.

If you are struggling, I can happily vouch for her and trust that she will do everything she can to help you”.

Jamie Hayward~ Physique Coach

“Zeenat’s helped me overcome some negative feelings which I was having about my business and how I thought about myself.

Her posivity and empathy about what I wa going through were clear.

Her therapy and coaching were brilliant! I am now a totally different person. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Bonita Ackerman du Perez ~ Hypnotherapist

“I felt that my life was spiralling out of control, like a ship lost in a dark stormy sea, drowning.

Zee brought me back quickly and calmly into safe waters. through her skills and guidance, I am now able to control situations more effectively.

I now look forward to each day again.”

Maxine P~ PA

“Zee is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Her approach helped me uncover a range of limiting beliefs that I had, by using NLP and coaching.

I had better clarity ad focus on my goals which I was struggling with before.

Thank you for all your help.

Dina Pyramid~ Business Psychologist

“It quickly becomes apparent how knowledgeable and approachable Zeenat is.

This makes it very easy to ask questions and be confident that the response you get is well researched and comprehensive.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Zeenat.”

Gary Currier~ First Aid Trainer

“Zeenat joined my retreat ‘ Crystal Clear Retreats’ and ran some Kinetic Shift and Hypnotherapy sessions for my clients.

I would highly recommend Zeenat for her compassionate approach and knowledge and the positive impact she had on the clients.”

Vanessa Wallance~ Crystal Clear Retreat

“I was at crossroads and didn’t know what steps to take regarding the future of my business. I found the Creative Disney NLP technique an eye-opening experience.

Working with Zee was amazing, gaining so much clarity which was quite powerful.”

Violet Karamagi~ Founder Net Worth Academy

“I had three sessions with Zeenat over the space of 3months to help combat by the anxiety of public speaking.

By the end of the third session, I felt that the churning in my stomach and the jelly-legs vanished- feeling a lot more confident about big speeches that I had coming up”

D.B~ Police Officer

“I attended two of Zeenat’s coaching sessions recently. I found the learning provided met my needs and was a pleasure to undertake.

I am looking out for other sessions by Zeenat that meet my particular interests.

I would highly recommend her services and workshops.”

Darren Weale~ PRMarketing Consultant

“Zee worked with me on an issue I was struggling to get started on. I seemed to be going round in circles, questioning and doubting myself, and basically getting nowhere.

Zee worked with me using a technique known as “The Disney Creative Strategy”. This technique enabled me to separate my creative thoughts from self-criticism and view the situation objectively.

I was able to utilise my own criticisms to improve my plans of execution rather than knock back my creative ideas.

Ultimately I made great progress thanks to Zee’s deployment of this useful NLP technique.”

Tony Feleppe~ Life Coach