A super thanks to Lady Anita Duckworth-Bradshaw & her wonderful team at Powerhouse Global Magazine for interviewing me to feature in their magazine!

It was an honour, but more so to make a contribution to the work that she does, supporting hundreds of children and women in Africa- Powerhouse Global Women Foundation. An inspiration to many! 🌼

Especially now more than ever, during the global pandemic COIVD-19, these unprecedented times, I hope that I can inspire more people to break through any stigmas around mental health and step into their great self-power to take care and seek help for any anxiety, stress or other mental health and wellbeing concerns that they may have. Face your fears!
Step into your greatness and worth- you have one life, live it!
“Empower Yourself to Live the Life You Desire- by finding and forging your path”

Once again a super thanks to you and your team 🦋 at Powerhouse Global Magazine.