The People Skills Course with Chandra Sharma & Zeenat Noorani

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“To be Good in Business your Need to be Great with People”

“Never give up on what you really want to do and achieve. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” Albert Einstein

Improving communication & language for business


Is low confidence impacting your business?

Are you struggling to communicate confidently with your employees and customers?

Are your people skills letting you down?

Lack of confidence and low self-belief are surprisingly common among business owners and senior managers, even those who might outwardly seem very confident.

In fact, imposter syndrome (where you feel you’re not good enough to do your job) affects a whopping 70% of people at some point in their career.

Don’t let confidence issues affect your business!

Learning the right tools, techniques and mindset will allow you to become a confident leader and drive your business forward. After all, people buy from people – and to be successful in business, being confident with people is essential.

The People Skills Course is for all businesses need to be confident in their mindset and their people skills, so they can be successful. Whether you have teams or work on your own, you don’t work in complete isolation of other people.

  • Small business owners with a small team
  • Self-employed business owners with no team
  • Senior or middle managers of smaller to medium businesses
  • Corporate companies which require ongoing development around team building

“A company’s employees are its GREATEST ASSETS                              and your people are your PRODUCT.” Richard Branson


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Our philosophy

Your Communication Skills Are Key To Your Success – it is our mission to provide you with the tools and skills you need for your business to work more effectively.

Workshop topics include: 

Understanding NLP- Mind & body

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Managing Teams & Relationships

Imposter Syndrome

Engagement Skills: presentation - public speaking

Influencing Skills

Time Management

Managing Conflict & Resolution

How it works

Our workshops are run on monthly bases, in person or online. The contents of the programme delivered in parts:Module 1: Understanding NLP- Manage Yourself Manage Your People Module 2: Self-development – Application & Progression.

This course has been carefully designed with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at the core and how this can enhance and grow peoples’ communication and language skills when it comes to business.

In order to bring our clients maximum positive results, we have carried out research and surveying to find out what essential gaps are missing.

This is a one-day, intensive workshop, in which you will:

  • Learn lots of practical tools and techniques to improve your confidence and self-belief
  • Discover how NLP can improve the way you communicate
  • Find out how to manage yourself and your team more effectively
  • Improve how you engage with others in your network, both on and offline

Workshops can take place at The Newman Flexible Workspace, Bromley or at your place of business.

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