Zeenat Noorani, Resilience Wellbeing Coach, NLP & Kinetic Shift Practitioner.

Far too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, worthless and ashamed. Just by having conversations about mental health can break down barriers and stigmas around it. However, Time To Talk is for every single person and no one person is less important than the other…

Taking the time to talk is so, so, so important. The truth is that this shouldn’t just be once a year realisation time but all year round.  Come on, let’s take this time on the 7th February to really focus and home into for those who find it a struggle and use this special time of year to truly and honestly talk, open up, listen and support…

Time to talk is all about conversation, bringing people together to talk about their worries and struggles around mental health. Don’t be afraid to address your concerns or those near to you regarding mental health. Just simply being able to talk and having that opportunity gives one a sense of relief. I, myself I am a great listener but sometimes find it hard to talk but also trust in those I talk to. I shouldn’t worry about expressing what I want to or just simply chatter and natter about the things that I love and the things which inspire me. The truth is that times when I share what’s going on in my mind and body this gives me a sense of relief and freedom, and that I am not alone and that the are people out there that actually cares and want to hear you.

This year “Time To Talk” is really focused around mental health. Research shows that 1 in 4 people suffer from MH and are still afraid to talk about it. Let us also not forget the high rate of suicide (75% male and 25%women). According to the ONS, latest data shows that in 2017 there were 5,821 suicide registered and that’s not including the unknown. Let’s not forget that this is also not including the growing numbers of suicide amongst young people aged 15 to 19.

Let alone say the words Mental Health. It’s a taboo word that shouldn’t be said… A load of … Break that stigma! Change your Beliefs! Change your attitude! However you decide to do it make February 7th 2019 the “Time-to-Talk” about mental health and anything else that may be of worries.

Take time to notice and talk because you could save a life!

By simply having an honest open conversation around mental health will breakdown the stigma, the stereo-types, support recovery, improve understanding and relationships. This affects us all, every single one of us regardless of age, gender or culture. The first step is to accept and begin that conversation by saying “I am not afraid to talk about mental health”

“I will not push or shy away from anyone who wants me to listen”.

With Time to Talk happening on the 7th, I also wanted to stress the importance of Children’s Mental Health week which has started this week, 4th  to 10th February 2019. The  theme this year is about being Healthy Inside and Outside. So, whether you are a parent, carer or work with children take this opportunity to spread the word and get children talking. Understand that being healthy is not just a physical element but also includes the mind and body. Our body and mind are all interlinked and so by teaching children to learn how to improve their physical wellbeing will also improve their mental wellbeing. The key is not to focusing on image comparison to others and especially celebrities… But using all this as learning to that is not only the outside appearance but who and what you are inside. Draw out the amazing unique qualities and that we are all individual human beings.

Spread the words of self improvement this year, self care, self love with the intention of eating healthier, socialising through gatherings /personal hobbies, being and spending quality time with family and friends. Do what works for you best! Don’t be afraid to let people know how you are feeling, whether on a high or low… Be hard and lend to!

You are an amazing soul!

Warmest wishes

Zeenat Noorani

Resilience Wellbeing Coach, NLP & Kinetic Shift Practitioner

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